About Us

Our Story

Pegasus Aerospace NUAVIATION was created to address America’s need for a mass-produced heavy-lift UAV.  Anyone can produce a drone that can lift one or two people or a dead-lift of 200 lbs using a little backyard engineering and off-the-shelf parts.

It’s a whole other thing when you then go to make 5 of them, or 10, or 500…  

NUAVIATION has joined with Pegasus Aerospace and formed the most innovative manned and unmanned aeronautical production company on the planet. This affiliation will bring to the UAV marketplace a brand new product line including our X8 multirotor heavy lift UAV, our agricultural heli-drone, and our record-setting manned jet wing. We are still putting the finishing touches on each model in preparation for our grand product launch this summer.

Our Team

Pegasus Aerospace NUAVIATION has brought together the top UAV design and engineering minds in the US to develop America’s first true heavy-lift drones.