About Us


Our Story

NUAVIATION was created to address America’s need for a mass-produced heavy-lift UAV.  Anyone can produce a drone that can lift one or two people or a dead-lift of 200 lbs using a little backyard engineering and off-the-shelf parts.

It’s a whole other thing when you then go to make 5 of them, or 10, or 500…  

NUAVIATION has a 90,000 sf plant in Tampa (Tampa Brass and Aluminum) that has a background in the manufacture of high-tech components for the aviation and space industry, as well as offshore oil platforms.

So, when we launch our marketing campaign at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January 2018, we will be taking orders for the most sophisticated true heavy lift drone anywhere on the planet and be able to deliver hundreds of them a month to our customers.

Our Team

NUAVIATION has brought together the top UAV design and engineering minds in the US to develop America’s first true heavy-lift drones.


NUAVIATION’s engineering team is located at Tampa’s Executive Airport and has its own hangar and test facility. The team was chosen to build the incredible Google delivery drone a few months back and is currently working on the entire NUAVIATION product line.  The team is closely connected to both the US government, Homeland Security, and the FAA which makes our certification and military procurement procedures much easier.