NUAVIATION has joined with Pegasus Aerospace and formed the most innovative manned and unmanned aeronautical production company on the planet. This affiliation will bring to the UAV marketplace a brand new product line including our X8 multirotor heavy lift UAV, our agricultural heli-drone, and our record-setting manned jet wing. We are still putting the finishing touches on each model in preparation for our grand product launch this summer.

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Pegasus Aerospace NUAVIATION was born with the mission of addressing the world's next technology explosion - the ultra heavy-lift commercial drone!


Crop Monitoring - Feed Transport - Livestock Rescue - Seeding - Soil & Field Analysis - Spraying - Surveying


Engineering - Planning & Volumetrics - Erection Inspection - Mid-Weight Material Lifting - Monitor Job Site - Structure & Roof Inspection - Surveying

Fire Fighting

Fire Scene Recon/Mapping - HAZMAT/CBRN - Detection - Move Supplies - Thermal Imaging - Water/Foam Delivery - Water/Ice Rescue

Law Enforcement

Active Shooter - Bomb Inspection & Removal - Crime Accident Scene Analysis - Monitor Crowds - Radiation Threat Detection - Surveillance & Tracking


Naval SAR - Reconnaissance - Resupply Troops in Battle Zones - Search & Rescue - Single Person Extraction

Search & Rescue

Catastrophe Assessment - Complex Terrain Rescue: Mountain, Water, Snow, and Ice - Difficult Access Areas - Disaster Relief: Medical Supplies, Food, and Water - Slow & Low Searches - Victim Location