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NUAVIATION was born with the mission of addressing the world's next technology explosion - the ultra heavy-lift commercial drone!


Crop Monitoring - Feed Transport - Livestock Rescue - Seeding - Soil & Field Analysis - Spraying - Surveying


Engineering - Planning & Volumetrics - Erection Inspection - Mid-Weight Material Lifting - Monitor Job Site - Structure & Roof Inspection - Surveying

Fire Fighting

Fire Scene Recon/Mapping - HAZMAT/CBRN - Detection - Move Supplies - Thermal Imaging - Water/Foam Delivery - Water/Ice Rescue

Law Enforcement

Active Shooter - Bomb Inspection & Removal - Crime Accident Scene Analysis - Monitor Crowds - Radiation Threat Detection - Surveillance & Tracking


Naval SAR - Reconnaissance - Resupply Troops in Battle Zones - Search & Rescue - Single Person Extraction

Search & Rescue

Catastrophe Assessment - Complex Terrain Rescue: Mountain, Water, Snow, and Ice - Difficult Access Areas - Disaster Relief: Medical Supplies, Food, and Water - Slow & Low Searches - Victim Location

Our UAVs


NUAVIATION will be producing three distinct versions of its basic HyperLift 200: the HyperLift 200E, which is our short mission all-electric version with a flight time of between 20 and 45 minutes; The HyperLift 200H is our hybrid UAV capable of a 2-3 hr flight time depending on payload; and our HyperLift 200T, the tethered version capable of staying aloft all day. All versions feature a payload of nearly 200 lbs.

NUAVIATION will be debuting its HyperLift 200 series at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 9-12, 2018. Full production of its entire line will commence later in the month with the first UAV orders being filled sometime this Summer upon FAA certification.

NUAVIATION Hyperlift 200 Drone at CES

The Hyperlift 200

Coming Soon To A Sky Near You!

Setting Up The Booth At CES!

What happens when you ask a handful of the world’s smartest UAV engineering minds to come up with a drone that will lift nearly 200 pounds?

Hyperlift 200e

Power: Total Electric

Airborne: 20-45 minutes

Payload: 200 lbs



  • Construction

  • Short Delivery

  • Agricultural

  • Ice rescue 

Hyperlift 200h

Power: Hybrid gas/elec

Airborne: 2-3 hours

Payload: 200 lbs



  • Inspections

  • Extended Delivery

  • Agricultural

  • Search/Rescue

Hyperlift 200t

Power: Tether

Airborne: Indefinitely

Payload: 200 lbs



  • Surveillance

  • Cell tower inspection

  • Lighting

  • Emergency comm.

Engineering & Manufacturing

NUAVIATION’s engineering team is located at Tampa’s Executive Airport and has its own hangar and test facility. The group was chosen to build the incredible Google delivery drone a few months back and is currently working on the entire NUAVIATION product line.  The team is closely connected to both the US government, Homeland Security, and the FAA which makes our certification and military procurement procedures much easier.

Our affiliation with Tampa Brass and Aluminum gives us a 90,000 sf manufacturing facility that is capable of producing up to 400 UAVs a month (or more if needed).  

Leading the Way in Heavy-Lift Drones